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Discos Record Shop. A must visit for every 12 inch maxi collector. Ten thousands of maxi-singles available here in all genres: 80s, pop, disco, italo, hi-nrg, house, techno, trance and many many more. Specialized in italo disco with many original italian twelve-inches for sale. Also in stock are the new releases of Lusso Records of course! You will receive a warm welcome by Foort, the friendly shop owner, and can dig records for hours while enjoying a coffee or fresh drink. The new Lusso slipmats will be available for sale here as well.

Remember the good old days when you listened to the FM pirate radio stations! And going to your local record stores to buy new italo disco and 80’s vinyl every week.
Disco Magic Radio is playing all those great tunes here, 24 hours a day non stop! Broadcasting live from Milano with a selfmade transmitter and vintage FM compressor sound. Enjoy all the italo disco, high nrg, euro disco, 80’s and dance classics from the past!

Professional mastering by E-Control: Several Lusso Records recordings have reached their great end-result by the support and professional mastering of e-control!

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